Expanding linked records in shared views


Good afternoon to everybody,

I have developed a database with a shared view lo be uploaded to a web site, the problem that I am having is that when I expand a linked filed in the shared view it only shows me the primary key of the linked field , and I can´t see the other fields of the linked field.

Does anyone have any solution?

Thank you



Hi there - I think it is an issue with your shared view link. When you create a shared view link, there is an option to “Show all fields in expanded records.” I’d say confirm that is turned on then test it!


Thank you Alex, I think that option is related to the hidden fields but Im gonna test it anyway




I just ran into the same issue. It would be very helpful being able to expand records in a shared view link.

I tried switching on the “Show all fields in expanded records”, but that just enables the end user to see all the hidden fields in the view that is shared to them, not linked records within the view.