Expiry date status - How can I add a "Not Expired" status

Hi All,

I’ve got a formula that tells me when a job post is about to expire, when it is expiring today, and when it’s expired. I would like it to display an “Acvite” status for all other days, is this possible within this formula? Any help would be appreciated!

IF(IS_AFTER(TODAY(), {Expiration Date}), “:x: Expired”, IF(IS_SAME(TODAY(), {Expiration Date}), “:firecracker: Expires Today”, IF(IS_AFTER(TODAY(), DATEADD({Expiration Date}, -3, ‘days’)), “:raising_hand_man:t2: Expires Soon”))),

Simply make “Active” the final argument in your nested IF()s (so right after “Expires Soon”, separated with a comma of course).

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