Export csv on filtered view still has filtered items

Hi, I have a Base called “BaseName” table with a checkbox field “Show in filtered view?”, and another view called “Only Filtered Items” of that table showing only checkboxed items. There are 74 total items and 44 of them are checked. And the “Only Filtered Items” view in Airtable itself contains only 44 items, as expected.
But, when I export that “Only Filtered Items” view, it still contains all the items. The csv exported file is called “BaseName-Only Filtered Items.csv”.
Is there some way to make the csv export only contain the 44 filtered items?

Another detail, I filled out the checkbox field by copy-pasting from an excel sheet which was formatting as “Y/N”, but the check boxes look like they were inputted just fine.

Lastly, I referenced Export selected records to .csv and I think it should be working based on that. So I’m not sure if I’m encountering a bug or something.

Matt, looks like this is a bug. I am experiencing same issue. It seems like it happened in the past couple of days. The export is not filtering. I have logged with support. Hopefully they fix soon. Cheers

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