Export CSV on schedule

I’m updating a wildfire refugee map based on data from airtable. I’m using ArcGIS and it can import CSV from a URL. My goal is to make a job that runs hourly (or when the table is updated) that creates a CSV and uploads it somewhere.

If you are interested in third-party solutions, we’ve built a tool that allows you to export an Airtable view as a CSV file hosted on a fixed URL. And it updates the data hourly.

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Scripts run from the Scripting App cannot run on a schedule. They only run when a button is pressed.

Scripts run as Scripting actions in Automations can be run automatically, but the scheduling is not exact. A script set to run on the hour every hour might run several minutes after the hour at times.

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Hi, I am looking to automate the CSV export to SFTP location. Is that possible with your extension?

Here is a simple api for csv export if this helps. You will be able to use it in a scheduled script.

Details can be found here

It will only work with the parameters so any issues check the documentation for assistance or reach out :slight_smile:


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While the above example is simple to use I really recommend using version 2 which only requires one extra step, but is a lot more secure - and the unique URL generated is a lot more usable :slight_smile: