Export data-driven image (i.e. dynamic team graphic)

I’ve a Pro workspace so was hoping to achieve my desired outcome with the Page Designer Block. Although I can get the layout I want, I can’t easily export a png or JPEG for quick use on social media.

I’m new to Airtable so think I must be missing something obvious. I’ve done a lot of searching but haven’t found anything suitable so if anyone has any advice I’d be grateful.

My objective: I have a base with a sports team’s player names and their photo. The team manager selects the team by adding the chosen players to a multi-select field. I then want a single team image of the players’ names, their photos (from the base). If you’ve ever watched sports you will have seen this sort of thing a lot at the start of matches.

My current workaround is to use the Page Design Block and show the custom page full screen and take a screenshot.

I’m worried the only elegant solution is some custom Python with the API so I’m hoping someone can suggest a more time-efficient route!

Welcome to the community, James! :smiley: While Airtable’s blocks are pretty powerful, exporting images from them isn’t currently an option (though, like you, I wish it were). From my understanding the API doesn’t provide access to blocks, so going that route probably won’t get you any closer to what you want. (I’m happy to be proven wrong, though.)

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Thanks Justin. I’ve actually made quite a bit of progress on this. I’ve decided to create a simple web page with the info from the (great) API docs. I’m then using a JS library html2canvas to render my chosen div as an image (which I then save). It’s certainly a bit hacky esp. since html2canvas won’t load images from Airtable without a proxy but… it works :smile:
As a bonus I don’t think I need any premium features…just standard CRUD API calls.

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Awesome! Would you be willing to share the gory details of your solution in the Show and Tell category? I’m sure other users would love to see how you pulled this off, especially folks like me who haven’t delved that deeply into the API yet, and don’t quite get the gist of it based on your description above. :rofl:

haha - sure. When I’m done I’ll post something to the AT community and share some code on Github. I’m obviously no expert but my Google skills are pretty decent :wink:

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