Export Grouped Records as Separate Files


I really like the recent addition of the grouped records function. It came at a really perfect time and has been very useful for my application. I can use it to slice my data set in really functional ways. The problem comes when I want to export the data in my grouped view. I would have expected that the records that are grouped to be somehow separated when the download CSV button was pressed.

At the moment, the entire list is downloaded in a single file without any distinction between groups. This is problematic when the fields that are used to group the records in AirTable are hidden.

I would expect that each group might have their own CSV, or that the single CSV would have a ghost row which would separate the groups and mimic the look of the grouped records in excel.


I agree with this - grouped records should still be grouped in the downloaded file!

It may be better if downloads were directly into Excel format so they could accommodate this better.

It would also be great to be able to print a grouped view - still grouped.