Export Process Street Checkbox to Airtable with Zapier

Hi everyone, we love Airtable but are having some trouble setting up certain integrations. We use Process Street to document our workflow and have a number of checklists set up. However Process Street leaves many things to be desired, which Airtable does well.

Our goal is to use Process Street to document processes (with checklists), and have those items Zap’d to Airtable for a high-level overview of where each project is. The problem is, I’ve been struggling to connect the P St checkboxes to the appropriate column in Airtable - the column I want the info to go to is not an option, just the record. I get stuck when I’m trying to select the field for the checked task to appear in Airtable.

I’ve tried formatting the column differently and it doesn’t seem to help. Is there an intermediary in Zapier (like formatter) that could help? Any thoughts appreciated.

Hi @Elisa_Meyer,

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When using the Checkbox field in Airtable, it expects a 1 or a 0, how does the data come from Process Street?

About the Record and Field part, you need to choose a record to update (or create) in Airtable before moving to the next step (which is putting the checkbox in its relevant column). If the data already exists in Airtable, then you can use the Find Record on Zapier to find the record that you want to update then add the info you need.

If you have more questions or info you wanna share, fee free to do so.

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