Export single field to csv (no ID field)


When I export a view to csv it always includes the name (ID) field - I want to be able to just export a single field (email) without the ID field. Is this possible?


Hide fields that you don’t want to export.


Thanks, that still keeps the ID (name) field that I do NOT want.


Sorry, you can’t hide the primary field. Of course, you already know that but I didn’t clue in to what you meant by “ID”.


Yeah - I need a csv file of just emails (in this case) and I have used the email as the ID field, then hidden all fields, but I would like to use something else as the ID field as not all records have emails.


Possible workaround: you can copy cells out of grid view (Cmd+C on Mac, Ctrl+C on Windows) and paste into a spreadsheet (like Google Sheets or Excel), then save that as CSV. Note that clicking on the field header will select all the cells in that field.


Yeah, thanks - I can think of various multi-step ways of getting this done, but I was hoping there may be a single-step way of doing it.