Exporting Blocks

Does anyone know how to export a chart in blocks? Is it possible yet?


I also have this question.

also wondering this!

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Still no answer on this? This is something I would like to do too

I’d like to know this as well, and whether a print format of the pie chart will include the % stats in writing. At the moment you have to hover the mouse over to get the %, and so that makes it impossible to screen shot as a work around.

Hey @Kelley_Correia and all!

It’s not possible to export or print a chart from the regular Chart Block.

Depending on your use case, there is possibly some good news with the, currently in beta, Vega lite block. This block can produce more powerful visualizations than the regular chart block and can export the chart as SVG or PNG images.

If this answers your question, please consider marking it as “solution”. If not, I’m happy to work with you further. Thanks!

Hey Matthew (and everyone),

I appreciate what Vega lite block can do, but it’s definitely going to be a bit too complicated for some on my team that I hope will use this in the future. Are their plans to give the regular Chart Block an export or printable function? It would be very helpful for including this data into external reports.

Or if not, does anyone know of any other blocks (or if Vega lite is going to adapt a non-code interface)?

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