Exporting Charts

Hi there,

I’m working with airtable on some amazing bases, where I’m creating several pivots and charts for with the apps. However, I cannot seem to find a way to be able to export these.

Is this something that is expected for the product? Otherwise I’m not able to share the dashboards I’m creating in e.g. reports to share internally and externally.


Hi @Maeglin_Harmsen, and welcome to the community!

That’s because there isn’t. :wink:

Have you looked at Vega-Lite; it supports SVG export I believe.

Thanks @Bill.French at least now I know it’s not something I’m overlooking :wink:

I’ve taken a look at Vega-Lite, but it doesn’t feel as intuitive.

Do you know if it’s possible to do product suggestions?

Hi @Maeglin_Harmsen,

I have created https://nocodechart.xyz/, a no-code tool to create and export charts.

It supports airtable, you can create your charts with your airtable data, get an iframe, copy the iframe and paste it to your website.

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