Exporting citations for a reference list

I’m sure there are others out there using AirTable as a citation manager, so I hope someone can help me with this.

I have a field for citations (thanks AirTable for adding rich text so I could add italics!) and it seems like it should be simple to export them into a word processing document (Google Docs is my preference, but sometimes Word).

Here is what I have:
Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 10.13.31 AM

If I Download CSV, I get the whole table. If I use a view with only the citation column, I still have the primary column to deal with.

I tried making a block, but I can’t figure out how to put the same field of multiple records on the same page. Also, everything stays in its “field box”(?) instead of one big text box.

I’m just a librarian/Ph.D Student who is ashamed not to have figured this out on my own! Please help me before I have to start my dissertation! :wink: :wink:


It sounds like your problem is that you’re trying to keep the RTF formatting intact when you export data?

There’s no built-in way to export data out of Airtable and still keep your RTF formatting intact. The CSV export will strip away all of your markdown formatting (that’s what the RTF is).

The Page Designer block would be your only option within Airtable — you can design printable pages that will keep the markdown (RTF) formatting intact.

Your other option would be to send records to Integromat or Zapier, which both have Markdown options to convert Markdown text into HTML, and then you could send that HTML onwards from there to an app that can display HTML properly with the formatting intact.

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Thanks for you reply!

I should have been move specific above. I did try the Page Designer Block. Is it possible to get multiple records on one page?

Thanks for your other suggestions! I may try those. :slight_smile:


Yes, when you create the Page Designer block, you’re choosing the “record size”, not the “page size”.

Thank you. I’ve tried playing around a bit more in Page Designer and Zapier, but perhaps this is all just a bit beyond me. It really seems to me like there should be other exporting options other than Download CSV. Oh, well.

I agree! If you have a budget for your project and you’d like to hire an expert Airtable developer to help you explore some of those other options (like Zapier & Integromat), feel free to send me a private message! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind! I may take you up on that! :slight_smile:

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