Exporting data to a pre-formatted excel templae


I’m new to airtable and far from a technologist. That said, I created a new airtable base that has all of the data required and linked but now need to print out the data in a predefined form, with some of the data acting as document header / footer and some data as document body.

Would be ideal if the output was excel based but less important than being able to print the data in the defined formatt

Any thoughts?


Some ideas:


I’ve upgraded to Pro and played a little with Page Designer. Very Cool. Problem is that my database has multiple level of lookup data so while the data is all liked and visible in Airtable (ie: double click) it does NOT appear that Page designer will allow me to pull ANY field from the database, but rather ONLY the data fields that are available on that tab . Does that make sense.

Is there anyone you know that I can PAY to review and fix what Ive done in Airtable?


You can show date from Linked Record field, in a table for instance, but just one level. What is your use case? What is your base structure (Tables/Fields)?


Table Structure as follows:

  1. Kit Table - effectively a product page of items that can be shipped and the price per item
  2. Kit Component Table - a seperate tab listing out the various parts or components of each Kit listed on Tab 1 . This table also provides the various HTS codes for each component of the Kit and provides a means of allocating the total Kit sale price across each component ensuring the cumulative component value adds up to the Kit value
  3. Store / Customer Table - a listing of each store / customer including address and shipping instructions (ie: Ship to & Consignee)

So now the issue:
I am attempting to create a commercial invoice for each Store using the Blocks / Page Designer as suggested. Appears to work well; however I am UNABLE to pull data from Kit Components onto the form as it is 2 level down from Customer tab. The tables are all linked properly.

Is there someone that can help? I am willing to pay for some development support. Please advise as I am pushing my technical boundaries and truly have no idea how to leverage the API’s or other systems / languages.

Sharing link below.


Ok, I see. You want the information about the Components in the Invoice, isn’t it? This is the maximum I can get. I think it’s not enough for you, not?

Maybe other advanced members of the forum could do some tricks to format the information embedded in the Component name.

I leave a shared link of my base: https://airtable.com/invite/l?inviteId=invNuz8VLjqOIE4Zd&inviteToken=e8a0d1524c5741cc465aad2fc1eb31dc6a9e390bd3011057b90d436f61a01d9a

BTW, your link does not work, could you share it again? Or maybe quick screenshots?


You example is spot on and reflects above. So if I am reading your email correctly - no “simple” solution that you can think of.

Open to forum question - however I need to come up with a plan to attack this problem. - whether that be a workaround, a different database solution, or even a database rebuild. I cant just hope to get an answer on forum.

Please advise


Let’s call some users in: @Jeremy_Oglesby, @W_Vann_Hall, @Julian_Kirkness


Take a look at the second block in this linked base. Is this what you’re trying to achieve?


Not exactly. What I need is the HTS code and allocated purchase price for each component of the kit - all of which is contained in the Kit Components table. So form a display perspective will need to look as follows:

There is the added complexity that I will also need to do math (which is NOT yet in airtable to calculate the quantity on the distro X component cost).

Truth be told I may have to consider a different table structure; however, I am unsure how to bring all of these issues together AND resolve the output.

Can I PAY someone to build this for me in Airtable? Really could use the help


If you post in the #work-offered section of the forum, you will definitely have people vying to work for you.


I’ll need to look through this to see if the data can be pulled together with your current data model. (It’s quite complex. :wink: Not saying it’s overly complex, because you’re doing a lot with it, but it takes a while to trace through.)


much appreciated. Its definitely over my head