Exporting SupportBee help desk tickets to Airtable

I’m wondering if anyone out there uses SupportBee for a help desk system and if so, have you ever considered or developed an Airtable base to backup all your support tickets to?

I know you can export (fetch) tickets using the SupportBee API; the API instructions are here: https://supportbee.com/api#fetching_tickets.

There’s a Python script for exporting SupportBee tickets to a database: https://github.com/SupportBee/supportbee-export
that’s open source, but I’m not a Python developer and can’t easily put that to work.

I thought maybe if someone has done something similar already you might share how to script this. Otherwise, there may be an opportunity for a skilled Airtable scripting programmer to build out this functionality and offer it up to SupportBee customers.

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