Extract All Dates Linked to an Item

Hey Everyone:

I have a table that houses 260 records. Each record represents 1 Song.

I have a rollup in that table that has every date I have practiced that song in my set lists.

Set lists are individual records that track each show and adds the song in the position played.

I want to take that list of songs and the date rollups and create a new table that has all the songs listed one by one by date played.

I know moving forward I can do this by automation as the records are created, but how do I do it for everything in the past?

Use the same Automation. Add a checkbox field, adjust the Automation to run when record matches condition: “checkbox = checked”. Check all the boxes for your existing records, wait for the Automations to run, change your Automation back to whatever trigger you need, delete the checkbox field.

I think this almost works. The problem is that one song has multiple dates in the roll up associated with it.

So if song 1 is played one 10 dates I want 10 new records each with the name and the date.

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