Extract data from a real estate website using web clipper block

Hi all,

I’m having trouble using the web-clipper-block to extract the right content by CSS selector from a particular website with property listings. This is the particular page layout here: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/property/residential/sale/listing/2682804794?bof=dTT5vgUf

I’ve had a go inspecting the code, however, still having no luck.

I’m looking to extract the following:

  1. Title e.g. “Entry Level Investment Property”
  2. First photo
  3. Address
  4. Type of sale e.g. “Asking Price $299,999”
  5. Number of Bedrooms
  6. Number of Bathrooms
  7. Floor area m2
  8. Land area m2
  9. Listing Description
  10. Region
  11. Township

Could someone please facilitate who has experience with CSS and or HTML. Either is fine so long as it’s future proof.

Many thanks :smile:

I’ve never used the web clipper before, but did you check out these CSS instruction pages?

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