Extract multiple attachment URL and split to multiple columns

I have a Lookup column that gets one or more images from another table. Now I need to get each image link in its own column.
I already have the formula to extract the images URLs, but how do I get each of the URLs in a separated column?


This should be possible, but there isn’t enough information yet.

  1. Will every record have the same input number of attachments?
  2. What is the purpose of splitting them into their own columns? Can they not be entered into these destination columns to begin with?
  3. Likely this will require a custom script to achieve the result. The script can be triggered manually or with an automation.

I agree that understanding the design of your data and your ultimate purpose would be helpful.

If your data has a very simple structure (e.g. fixed number of attachments, predictable naming, etc.), it might be possible to do this with a series of formula fields. There are some very creative formulas that extract items in a list. However, if you want to do much else a scripting solution might be better.

Also keep in mind that per this topic, Airtable does not support being used as a CDN for attachments.

This is the right question (and solution). Perhaps there’s some legacy system that is asserting this, but one of the best ways to create good data, is to start with good data. :wink:

I managed to do what I needed following @W_Vann_Hall 's solution in this post:

@Livraria_Portuguesa - would you mind sharing your solution for how you extracted the URL’s for the attachments into a single column?

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