Extract number?

Hi Expert, i have a field which keep a product volume, for example , 20g, 30ml, 45piece, 150l, 8pack.

i just want to extract the numbers, so the after formula field will be , 20,30,45,150,8.

i try to think and search for a while but have no idea how to do it , any advise??


You could try creating a formula field with this formula:

VALUE({Your field Name})

But you should note that VALUE() doesn’t always work properly, though. Even though it is supposed to return only the numbers from a field, it actually often performs math & mathematical conversions, so it is very unreliable. You will need to test it for your purposes to see if it works reliably enough for your needs.

Hi Louis, I’ve set something up here for you to check out

Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 8.09.39 PM

It uses regex which I’m not that familiar with, but it seems to do the trick

REGEX_EXTRACT(Name, "\\d+")
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it really works, thanks mate!!

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