Extract numbers from date


Hello guys!

I am new here in Airtable and I hope you can help me in the following problem.

I have two collumns, called “REF” and “Date of show”.

What am I trying to do is the following, from the date of show row, to extract numbers in order to create a code. To be more exact, I will give you an example of what I want to do:

Date of show: 11/02/2017
REF: 11022017SF

The formula that I have tried to use is the following and I am getting an error:

DATETIME_FORMAT({Date of contract}, ‘MMDDYYYY’)& “SF”

Thank you very much for the support!


I think the formula is OK, so I can only think that the date parameter is not a date. Which type of field is it? Is it filled?

I leave you some docs


I have it working:

Formula: DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, 'MMDDYYYY')& "SF". Are you using the correct quotation marks?


Thank you very much for support guys!
You are amazing! :smiley:


You solved it? What was the problem?