Extract Text from between Brackets in a Single Line Text field

Hi there,

unfortunately, I have not yet found an answer to my question in this forum so I am asking myself. I have a single line text cell which is always structured similarly to the following:

Brand Name Product Name (Color / Color / Color)

I would like to extract only the portion in between the brackets into another cell. Meaning my output would be

Color / Color / Color

Unfortunately, the number of characters before the first bracket and within the brackets will vary. That is my main concern and why I have not yet found a good formula to fix this.

Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Jaap_Terheggen, and welcome to the community!

Like this?


REGEX_EXTRACT({RegEx Examples}, '\\((.*?)\\)')


Yes, this is exactly it. Thank you so much.

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