Extracting a Text string from a longer string


I am having a hard time display a specific text string from a longer text string since the string I want to show doesn’t have a fixed number of letters.


The main String in the field is;

Status: Paid /Store: abc-store.dfeg.com /Owner: Firstname LastName

I want to display abc-store.dfeg.com in the record.

The “Status: Paid /Store:” and “Owner” are always there but the Store name ( what I want to display) and the Firstname Lastname part changes

Any idea how to tackle this?

Thanks in advance!

Is the store name always a web URL? If so, you should be able to use the new REGEX functions in a formula field to locate and extract the URL:

Hi Jeremy, thanks for your reply. The store name comes from 2 different sources, one is an URL and the other is just a text. I will look into the REGEX formula, appreciate the answer!

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