Extracting initials out of full name

I’m trying to extract initials automatically out of a field with a full name. For example “John Doe Joseph Smith” would be extracted as “JDJS”, preferably capitalized in case the name was written in lower case. The minimum number of names would be 2 and maximum 4, never more than that. Anyone who could help on this? Maybe @W_Vann_Hall ? :grin:

I’m in the middle of something right now :wink: but you could take a look at the name-parsing routines in my Proper Name demo base — which I think may be limited to 3 names as published — and then wrap each each extracted name piece in a LEFT({Piece},1) function. If you can’t get that to work, let me know, and once I climb down from the attic and shake the vermiculite out of my hair (running Cat6 throughout the house, in case Mom ever wants to watch NCIS in 8K :wink: ), I’ll see what I can do.

Thank you so much for the quick and humorous response :rofl::rofl:

I have been playing around with everything I’ve found here in the community, even googled some Excel formulas to give me a hint but still I haven’t managed to get exactly what I want. I have some dirty workarounds going on but I don’t feel comfortable with them, especially if I someone else would need to use the base. So that leaves me on my knees and begging :laughing:

That said - I really appreciate your help, time and efforts. No need to make this a priority, would just be nice to solve this once and for all. Hopefully, it would benefit others too.

So to be 100% clear, this is what I’m trying to achieve where only the FullName is provided