Extrapolating year formula

Hi All

I have a column with a finish date. In another column I’ve used a formula to pull out just the year.


Finish Date (column): 2/20/2020
Year (column): 2020

If I don’t have the finish date inputted the column shows #error!..i know it’s working because when I add the date to the Finish Date column the Year populates correctly.

What I would like to do is if there is a date in the finish column, then pull the year from that date to show in the Year column, however if the Finish Date is not yet entered, I’d like to have the Year field show something like “not done yet” is there a way to do this?


Hi @Emma_Sousa - you can do something like this:

IF({Finish Date}, YEAR_FORMULA_HERE, 'not done yet')




IF({Finish Date}, DATETIME_FORMAT({Finish Date}, 'YYYY'), 'not yet done')

Awesome!!! Thanks so much.


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