Extremely new user asking for mercy with IF Blank and such

I am comfortable creating and linking bases, but I really need help inside my grid view for 1 item, I just need to understand how to create a formula that will auto-populate if one of my users has been assigned an item, this formula column should have 4 different selections either checked-out, available, damaged or lost. Could someone please help me?

PS, I have been using the Filter options and another view meanwhile to display what I need, but I need this to not be having to change my database to check-out or damaged after every new user assignment.

Hi @Rodolfo_Torres.

one of these options based on what trigger?

My apologies, just 2 selections, checked out and available.
The trigger should be just by adding a linked user name from my other Staff view/sheet.

I guess I can always manually change the status to Damaged or lost if needed.

I would like for Status to change itself to checked-out

once I add a staff name in my list. And change back to Available when empty.

If you want a formula, this would work, but then you can’t select another option manually:

IF({Staff Last First}=BLANK(),"available","checked-out")

If you want the option to manually select or overwrite the options, you should go for an automation (paid version).

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Thank you, that worked for me.

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