Facebook ads to Airtable

Hi everyone.
For the last few month I’m working as a freelancer. I help my clients to automate different business processes, much of them contain Airtable.
My last project was creating a custom integration, that pulled adsets data from facebook ads manager to Airtable.
Now, I’m thinking about creating a system that could:
First step:pushing all campaigns/adsets/ad data (including metrics) to Airtable
Second step: ability to manage facebook campaigns from Airtable.

I would like to ask the community,

  • what do you think about that kind of system?
  • what functionality would you like to be in there?
  • any other social media ads that you would like to manage from Airtable?

Kind regards

Hi @SDOK_Blog

I am noticing that Integromat just released a new app over the weekend. It’s called NEW FACEBOOK LEAD ADS. I don’t know if this will help in your situation, but I thought I would mention it.

Thank you,
Mary K

Hi @M_k,
thank you for that. I know about that, but thats only a module to get information from facebook when a new lead came in to facebook(facebook lead ads). You can them push that new leads to CRM, or do any other action.
What I’m talking about is a system to analyze/manage the whole facebook adsmanager from Airtable.
Getting insights from existing campaigns/adsets/ads, updating campaigns/adsets/ads, creating campaigns/adsets/ads and s.o.

But thank you for your attantion yo my post! appreciate it.