Failed to Fetch Error

I have been attempting to catch a hook in Zapier from a scripting app that I run daily. The content of the request is designed to capture some metrics from the actual running of the script.

I have previously run caught a webhook from a scripting automation to Zapier with no issues. For some reason though, when trying to send a similar request through a scripting app I encounter a failed to fetch issue with some writing on CORS.

My code is below, I removed the link within the fetch but it was just the link that Zapier provides within their catch hook step.

var bodyContent = {

    "scriptName": script,

    "numOfRecs": numRecs,

    "elapsedTime": et,

    "recsPerSec": recsPerSecs


let request = await fetch('', {

    method: 'post',

    body: JSON.stringify(bodyContent),

    headers: {

        'Content-Type': 'application/json'



This is the error that is happening when I attempt to perform this part of the script.


Thank you for the help!

hmm, something definitely changed as I am seeing same as you and it previously worked.

Luckily its an easy fix thanks to this:

Just comment out your Content-type header and it seems to be working for me now.

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BTW - this is crazy timing, we literally just released our newest article explaining how to do this:

(We need to remove the header from our code sample now :slight_smile: )

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Scripting App and Automation scripts handle CORS differently. Automation scripts don’t have CORS limitations, per this support article.

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