Fairly attribute single select value

Hi guys, first post for me and i’m french native so sorry for spelling mistakes

I have a base that shows every forms (one record for one form) and I would like to automaticaly fairly attribute a single select choice to each of these forms when they are submited
I have 3 developers and I would like to fairly attribute them a form (ex. I have 90 forms/I would like 30 forms per dev)

Here I’m attributing it manually

Thanks you guys

Used “number of records” modulo “number of people” and a simple switch case. I then get the output and update it with basic automation “Update Record” :

let queryResult = await view.selectRecordsAsync({fields: });
let nbRdvPris = queryResult.records.length;
let arrayBizDev = [“Christophe”, “Thomas”, “Hugo”]
let nbBizDev = arrayBizDev.length;
let bizDev;

switch (nbRdvPris % nbBizDev) {
case 0:
bizDev = “Christophe”;
case 1:
bizDev = “Thomas”;
case 2:
bizDev = “Hugo”;

output.set(‘Business Developper’, bizDev);

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