Feature parity between desktop and iOS


I could not find a dedicated feature request for this so I made one.

There are quite a lot of features that are in the desktop version but not on iOS:

  • Group records (Group view on ios)

  • Calendar View

  • Kanban View

  • Form View

  • Blocks

  • Create or edit formula, rollup, count, lookup and created time fields

  • Show/hide fields

  • Share Button

  • Print View

  • Download CSV

  • History

  • Color

  • Row Height

  • Copy another views configuration

Please add in comments if I am forgetting something here.

Is feature parity on the roadmap?

  • Duplicate / Copy a record
  • Showing « looked-up » pictures instead of some sort of link
  • the ability to modify a record without the « expanded view »
  • Adding documents from iCloud documents

That’s all I can think of for now …