Feature request: ability to add data to blank "Created by" fields

We’ve been waiting a long time for the “Created by” field and are glad it’s here. Before this we were manually recording this data in a “Record created by” collaborator field. We’d like to add this data into the empty fields that have been created by adding the new “Created by” field to existing tables.


You may be able to accomplish this with 3 fields:

  1. Your legacy manual input field ({Record Created by})
  2. The new “Created by” field ({Created by})
  3. A formula that checks if there is a value in “Create by”, if not return the legacy input. It would looks something like this:

IF({Created by}, {Created by}, {Record created by})

Hi and thanks for the response. I tried this and liked that it ensures that the record creator is captured one or another. I wish that the value it entered would be a collaboratore one (so, appearing with the collaborator icon instead of just regular text). I’m worried that might throw our users off, but I may be too worried about that.



I have the same concern frequently with linked record formulas. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyway around that, so you just have to accept the output will be plain boring text.

I’m glad it worked!