Feature request: add time delay to automations

I’d love it if I could add a delay as an action step, similar to how you can do it in Zapier.

Currently, I want to be able to trigger an automation when a formula field calculates to a specific value (a value that figures out if a combo of other values is a valid combo). However, when someone is editing the record, this formula field jumps back and forth between a “valid” and “invalid” state while they’re still editing. This triggers the automation saying the formula field is marking the record as “invalid” even though the person editing the field isn’t done editing yet.

Ideas for implementation:

  • A delay step that can wait n minutes after a trigger has occured before any further action steps are taken. In an ideal world, there might even be an easy way to check the record that triggered the automation to see if it’s still meeting the triggering criteria. (Like a Zapier “filter” step)
  • A delay that waits n minutes after a record was last modified to then trigger the automation if the record still meets the trigger qualifications.

You can use this workaround

But of course a native delay step would be great and comparable to Zapier offering.

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I want to add that delaying minutes is possible with trickery, but I’d like the delay to be smaller.

E.g. post-leave or post-edit field or maybe a x seconds interval (defined in trigger).