Feature request: Basic annotation for Web Clipper

I would love to be able to add an arrow, boxes and other annotation to screenshots in the Web Clipper.

That would turn it into a highly useful bug reporting tool for my team. Without this function, we’ll need to stick with existing services.

Being able to annotate a an image as in the screenshot would be a huge improvement

Hi @Karl_Lofdahl! We just launched the ability for custom apps to be developed, and one of them allows you to markup images within a base without leaving Airtable. You can learn more and install the app here.

Let me know if this helps!

Thank you, this is great to see!

While clearly a step in the right direction, it’s not really what my team needs, however. The best thing would be to have it within the web clipper. In the linked integration I need to save and then go back to the table, mark a record, open a new box etc. We need something more streamlined.

I will try to keep up with developments around custom apps. Looks exciting!

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Sounds good @Karl_Lofdahl, thanks for letting me know.

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