Feature request: change field value when button is pressed

Though there is already a button feature that I like. But what if…IF you want to use a button to ‘change the field value’. For instance, when I press a button, it puts a checkbox in the checkbox field. Unfortunately, there is no way to do that, except by using just the script block. Snipaste_2020-07-09_23-10-15
As blocks are only on the paid plan, I’m only on a free plan and with no access to blocks, I wish there is a way to actually change the value of the field by pushing a button without the use the of the script block. I hope that feature will be implemented in the near future.

We already have that - it’s called a checkbox button. :wink: A checkbox is a button of type:checkbox.

But setting aside the obvious, I suspect you have good reason for this capability and I can imagine scenarios where a single button press might change many fields and even consider many dependencies to arrive at the right combination of modification pattern at any given time and for any given record.

Buttons are intended to make stuff happen, and the simplest of this is to effectuate a field change. A checkbox is probably not the best example for why this should be possible, but I think the agility to do whatever with whatever should exist in the product.

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Yes, that would be a super-cool feature to be able to click on a button and have it automatically enter data into a whole bunch of fields — without needing to know JavaScript.