[Feature Request] Filter Rest API entries by field id rather than its name

I already reported this on the github javascript library, but I think more core developers might see it here as well.

I want to filter the results of the airtable rest api based on the field ID using the filterByFormular parameter. The reason for that is, that the name could always be renamed, using the ID is future proof. A simple filter look like this:

Name = "Joe"

But instead I want to use the id:

fldnwAXj3iM53qu4y = "Joe"

After tons of googling it turns out that this is simply not implemented. I also tried it out with the id in brackets, but that still does not work (so it is not undocumented). I think this is a critical feature for the rest api, to build robust apps on airtable. It should be a quite simple feature with a huge impact. Might be worth a look.


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