[Feature Request/Fix] Page Designer app - Link to specific record

I really love the whole page designer concept, but I wish I was able to link to a specific record.
The current implementation seems broken: when adding the record to the page designer URL, it expands the linked record instead of just changing the record shown in Page Designer itself.

Example: Airtable - Binaural Database Catalog
This URL should load the Portal view, but instead it expands it, while the wrong/default record (in this case, Half-Life) is shown on the Page Designer view behind it.

To clarify, the URL you gave is specifically to open a record in the expanded record view. That in particular is not broken, that’s normal expected behavior.

If you want to open Page Designer by URL you have to have the relevant block ID added to the URL, not the record ID. Now, to open a specific record in Page Designer by URL that will require a significant update to the app.

ah, my apologies. I wasn’t sure if it was the intended.
I guess that makes this just a feature request then :sweat_smile:
Hope there’s a changelog or a way to get notified if features like this ever get added :eyes:

You can add a button field to your record that opens that record in the Page Designer App, but you’ll need to be logged into your base as a collaborator… it doesn’t work on shared views.

Yeah, sadly that isn’t quite what I’m looking for, but it’s still good to know about it in case I ever need it! :+1:

The open page designer to specific page does not work in Interfaces. Should the record contain a button to link to page designer page, the button appears dimmed in Interface, clicking on it does nothing. Looks like the recent changes to the Button element for Interfaces does not include that specific feature.

Wow, good to know. This is my main complaint with Airtable creating 2 completely different types of buttons for their product, instead of creating one unified button for the entire product.

Although Page Designer is really poorly implemented anyways. I would recommend looking into 3rd-party solutions like DocuMint or On2Air: Actions which can be fully automated.