Feature Request: Folders in View Panel

It would be excellent if we could create folders in the views panel. My team uses a large number of views on one massive table, and the ability to cluster those in folders would make it simpler for older members of our team to navigate the different views and understand why those views exist. For example, we created a number of personal views for users so that they could individually get specific types of email alerts with automation and then return to a view just for them, and if we could collect those views in a folder it would largely declutter our list of views.

Also, I would appreciate any apps or extensions to help with this! (I anticipate responses of better culling the views to only the essentials, but that, unfortunately, is beyond my control haha.)

Until Airtable rolls out the ability to have folders in the view panel, here are 2 ideas that might make things slightly easier when you are visually scanning through the list of views:

  1. You can start your view names with emojis, so you can more easily distinguish them in the list.

  2. You can add a view description underneath each view name.

Here’s an example of what using both of these techniques together might look like:


Hi everyone! I wanted to share a quick update that we’ve releases a new “View sections” feature to help better organize and manage your views. You can learn more about it in this topic: Organize everything with view sections

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