Feature Request: Markdown Internal Link

One of the biggest feature of AirTable is internal link between records.
But I missed for years a very (no so) simple feature : links for RichText fields.

As a NoteTaker, when I add a record with a RichText fields I want to hotlink an other record picked from a sub set of table in order to have quick access to it.

  • It’s convenient for Rich Tect Field
  • It’s convenient when a dedicated column won’t fit the design

A basic use case is note taking like Roam:

When you write a Note (aka large rich text) you need to link internal records in order to mind map correctly your thought. Of course, tags, caterories, etc … will be side columns

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Yep, I just had a client leave Airtable for Roam because of this!! Would be a killer feature to add to Airtable!!

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