Feature request: Record visible in views

When I expand a record, I would like for the record to show which views it is currently visible in.

Hey there! Would you mind elaborating here?

What is the use case? I’m trying to think if there’s a way around it.

Yes, of course. We will frequently use views to monitor different stages in a process. Let’s say a view to show only approved programs (where an “approved” column is checked). If someone asks me to check on the status of their program I will usually go to the master view (non-filtered) and command-F for their program. Now of course I can just look for the approved check by expanding the record but let’s says we have a 4 step process and each step is a different view. It would be awesome for that record to immediately tell me “visible on the following views.” Hope this makes some sense, it is just one example of how I’d use this.