Feature Request: Reorder Automations for Easier Organization

I don’t know how to officially request a feature, but I think it would be grand if I could move automations around in the list, rather than have them listed in the order they were created. This would make organizing long lists of automations much easier!

While I’m at it, can we also get a “duplicate automation” button or a copy/paste? I often have to create several automations that are *slightly* different and being able to duplicate or copy/paste would save time.


I just saw the duplicate automation update. Thank goodness!

Yes, reordering automations would be important. Send your feature request to support@airtable.com.

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Thanks, @ScottWorld. I just sent it. I don’t think it would be terribly difficult to do, but it would make Automations a lot easier to use.

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100% agree. I was asked to a zoom meeting last week to review our experience with automations, this was one point I made very clear.