Feature request: restricting reading permissions for tables

The biggest issue with Airtable for me and many of my clients is that I cannot restrict viewing some sensitive data for new users. Let’s say I have a base which is serving as a CRM and CMS at once. I can’t divide it into two even with Airtable Sync. So I’m adding a new content editor for the CMS tables only and he can see all the money data of my client. This is NOT good at all. I strongly believe that this feature is needed for most professional users of Airtable. The Airtable team has added recently an ability to set editing and deleting permissions — it’s great but it’s not enough at all. Because of this Airtable is a limited tool for me.

Unfortunately yes, some more robust permission management would be really needed in Airtable (who can see what on table even record level, also hide columns and restrict their view etc.). Also central management of users for non-Enterprise plans would also be imperative for professional usage of Airtable. Most other software solutions have that even for basic subscriptions.

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Yes, totally agree with you that this is one of the biggest missing features of Airtable.

Your only workarounds for this issue are:

  1. Creating separate “read-only” filtered share views for each one of your clients.
  2. Using Stacker.
  3. Using MiniExtensions.

(If you need a professional Airtable consultant & developer to help you setup any of these options, please feel free to send me a private message or reach out to me through my website at scottworld.com.)

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