Feature requests - default view settings and view columns that dynamically update

I’ve used Airtable for a long time and I wish it had these two simple features:

  1. Ability to reset filters/groups/sorting to a user-defined default for each view. That way I can play around but then reset to the defaults. Right now I just generate a view-only link for myself so I don’t mess up my view and refresh to get back to the default settings. It would be much better though if I could make changes in-base then either reset them or set them as the new default to lock them in.

  2. Ability to update all views when I change something. For example, if I add a new column and then resize the column then for all of my other views, that column will be tacked on to the end and will not be resized. It’s a lot of work to go through and fix that column in every view every time I want to make a minor change like resizing or adding a column. Often I just delete all of my views and recreate them, since it’s easier than manually updating them all.

Anyone agree? Any workarounds that I’m not realizing?

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Reddit discussion

I just learned about the “Copy another view’s configuration” feature so that’s helpful