Fetch link of the base and shared with Base Collaborators

Here is the use-case/workflow:

Assume we have multiple workspaces and bases.
In the desktop application, when user A wants to share the link to a base with user B, already a collaborator on the base, how can this be accomplished. On this browser it is simple. Copy the link from the address bar and share it.

How can something similar be accomplished in the desktop application? The Share button has options that are not required for existing collaborators. Of course, the base name can be shared and that can be searched. But this involves multiple steps.


@Jason @Elliott_Nguyen
Your insights here will be of great help

Hi @Nikhil_Ranka, so sorry but I missed your message. At this time there’s not a similar “link” to share to point to a base within the desktop app. You are able to click on File > Copy URL to Clipboard which does give you the URL for any base you have open.

Hope that may help!

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No problem. Thanks for the response. Also discovered that there is a shortcut for the same Ctrl+Shift+C
Is there a way multiple bases can be opened in the desktop app? Similar to having multiple tabs open in the browser.


You can use the keyboard shortcut ⌘ N to open a new window in the desktop app which would allow you to work on multiple bases at once.

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Thanks @Jason, it opens up a new window. Is there a way a new tab can be opened?

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