Field collections


At some point, you can get a lot of fields in one table. I would like a way to organize my field: like field collections or groups. I have made a simple mock-up of how it could in an expanded record.

  • Field collection would help when the same records go through many different processes (like a video production)
  • It would make it easier to hide/unhide a group of fields a once
  • It could be used to create a horizontal grouping in a grid view where field a group together instead of records group by fields.
  • It would make it easier to find the field you’re looking for when you have a big record.



This is a cool idea, and would help us organize our more complex tables and views as well. Some of our larger tables have 60-80 columns, and being able to organize the visible columns using field collections would be really nice to help us standardize the many different views that need to be created in these tables.



I’d love this. My bases often have a lot of formula fields, and it would be great if I could group them together like how you’ve shown to organize them better or get them out of the way