Field of "Date" type + "Friendly" mode + non-English browser = not working



If my browser’s language is not English, I cannot add new data into the Date columns in Friendly mode. It looks like the website does not recognize non-english month names.


Also, why translate months at all? Please keep them English. Thank you.


I just reported same bug. Sorry for duplicate, by some reason I missed your post (I searched).

I think the trouble might be caused by using JavaScript function for date formatting.


  1. Focus cursor in date text and press backspace and then enter (in Russian language it erases the trailing dot, e.g. 26 мая 2016 г.)
  2. Use another date format (not friendly). So, I guess the trouble is in interpretation of browser locales or maybe in the trailing dot (12 мая 2016 г.). You maybe are using JavaScript function for formatting dates and this causes such troubles.


This bug has been fixed. Thank you for reporting it!