Field order: How to reorder first (locked) field?

Airtable Newbie from Germany. On Android App right now.

Set up my first base and tables. Customize fields:

The first field I set up in each table can’t be reordered. It shows a lock sign (see screenshot). Even within new views it can’t be reordered.

Why? Ought to be some kind of primary key field? Is there any way to reorder it?

If not, I will always set these “first” fields up as auto-numbering fields.

I did not find any information on this within help or community yet. Therefore your advice is appreciated.

Thank you.



Hi @Rembert_von_Kerssenb,

Welcome to Airtable Community ! :slight_smile:

The first field (Primary Field) cannot be moved or changed. If you want to move it for example, duplicate it and move the duplicate, then change whatever you want to do in it. I usually make it a Formula


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Dear @Mohamed_Swellam

thank you very much.


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