Field revision history

We’ve had several mysterious changed to fields, rather than record, recently in a few of our bases. I cannot see any way to check the revision history of a field. Am I missing something? If not, how/where are we meant to leave requests for new features?


To clarify, you’re asking for the revision history of a field’s settings, right? Its not a native feature, but Openside has a third-party extension which I believe does what you’re asking:

Hi, thanks for your reply. As an example of what I mean, several field types have inexplicably changed, and we need to see how and when those changes were made. A few examples - an auto-number field has become a regular number field. A single-select field has become a plan text field. One of us must have done this somehow, but we don’t know who, when, how or why. In order to figure out why it keeps happening, we want to see the revision history of that field. We’re not able to purchase anything additional right now, but hoping that Airtable can provide some help, and perhaps introduce such a feature if what we need isn’t possible.

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