Field that checks whether a recipient has submitted a form response

Hi All,

I am trying to determine what the best way to accomplish what I am looking for. I have a form that is sent and then a grid view (we’ll call this Travel) with the responses in one table. I then have another table (we’ll call this Learners) that has records with individuals’ information. What I want to do is create a field on this second table (Learners) that checks whether each person in that table has a matching response in the Travel table. What would be the best way to accomplish this? For some context, we would have at least 1 field in common on either table, specifically an email address.

Also, with forms, is there a way, like with Google Forms, that we could simply capture the email of the person responding without them having to enter it manually? For some context here, our recipients follow a link from an email sent to them using a SendGrid block from Airtable which takes them to the Airtable form.

Would love to hear the best way to accomplish these items.

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