Field type: Action Button

I am currently in testing mode with Airtable and have to say: I really like it.

There is one thing which I currently came up with and I would like to share:

New field type “Action Button” which triggers an action (the one I am thinking of is something like mail the record to someone, sending any kind of answer/feedback … there maybe more actions) which could be very useful esp. when your table is shared via html.



Agreed, this would make Airtable not just a data entry tool and viewing tool but an actual dashboard creator.

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You could use a Checkbox (or any other similar), and create a View/Filter for those records. Then you could automate whatever you want with Zapier:

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That’s how we’ve done it as well. Using checkboxes to move items into different view which then triggers a zap solves so many issues for so many applications, i.e. moving data from one base to another.

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The checkbox / Zapier solution does work well for exporting records to another system, but it doesn’t work well for periodic updates. We’re using Airtable to manage our product data and frequently need to push updates to other systems. The Zapier “new item in view” is not good for this so we’re using a formula to create a URL to an intermediate system. An Action button would be a nicer way to handle this.


Does anyone know if AirTable plan to add an action button anytime soon?

How can one send a feature request to Airtable (such as this) for consideration?

Is there a block perhaps that could help? I’m only a plus subscriber not pro, so don’t know if blocks do this kind of thing.

Many thanks.



Button fields are in beta now. Sign up for it here:

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