Field value as condition in Rollup Condition

Can a conditional rollup take a field value from the current table as a variable?

So in the screen shot above I would like to insert the field {Last Reload Date} from the current view, so that I can aggregate from that date.

No. “Dynamic variables” are available in Automations, but Rollups/Lookups/Count fields, though they have a similar UI, do not have the ability to check the current record’s values against the rollup record values.

What are the steps to doing that in Automations? At the moment I setup the following trigger, but what Action ship I take? Do I need to write a script ?

To clarify: I do not necessarily recommend trying to recreate the functionality of a Rollup with an Automation. I was saying that Automation actions (like update record, create record, etc.) have dynamic variables but Rollups do not. For an Automation to replace a Rollup field you would likely need a script depending on the aggregation formula you intended to use.

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