Fields being cleared

I have a base that includes a table (“table 1”) that contains links to a second table (“table 2”) that is synced to another base. The links in table 1 were cleared automatically. The history says “Table Sync updated this record”. I can’t figure out why this happened.

Furthermore, I’ve shared table 1 with someone else and they can still see all the links. The links are cleared in my view, but not cleared in their view.

This sounds like a bug to me. Can anyone explain what is going on and how I can get my data back?


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This sounds like a possible bug to me as well, but unfortunately the vast majority of us here are fellow users, and can’t help to get the data back. I suggest contacting Airtable support directly to discuss this issue.

I think I am having this same issue. I have a Base with one table that is synced. I am then linking the synced table to another table within the Base. The linked field has cleared twice for no discernable reason and the record level revision history has nothing before the most recent Table Sync update.

I figured out the source of this problem. It is only a particular view that is synced to another base. If that view changes in any way (hiding fields, adding filters, etc), that change is passed to the other base which breaks any links that are being made to that linked base.

The solution was to create a view in the source table that shows all rows and columns, and is kept locked to prevent any changes. That table is the one that is synced.

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