Fill Excel Spreadsheet from Airtable via automation/intgeration


My company procurement system runs on excel workbooks. One of the tedious tasks is generating a new PO req and filling out the vendor information.

I have created a table of approved vendors in Airtable. I would like to add an Airtable button, which when clicked would trigger an automation / integration to populate the excel workbook with the information contained in the vendor record.

  1. Can a button be used in that way?
  2. Are there any suggestions for the integrations to populate excel?


Welcome to the community, @Pierre_Lin!

Yes, this is very easy to setup with a tool like Integromat, which is a low-code automation & integration platform.

Integromat has support for hundreds of apps, including Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Airtable:

p.s. If you have a budget for this project and you’d like to hire an expert Airtable consultant & Integromat Partner to help you create this, please feel free to contact me through my website at

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