Filled Form Notification Emails

In a form, I include 2 fields that customers can attach images or screenshots. When I receive the email notifications of the filled forms, they show the file names of the files that they attached like below. Is there anyway to show the image attachments in the notification emails so I don’t need to log back in to Airtable everytime to see the screenshots they attached? Cheers!

Airtable email notification

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There isn’t a way to customize the built in email notification. However, you can build you own email notification using an automation that triggers off the new form submission and uses a “Send email” action. You could either include the images at attachments, or use some complex formula fields to include the images as html images.

On the other hand, I find it easier to be permanently logged into my Airtable account, I click the link at the bottom of the notification email to view the record in Airtable, and it takes me directly to the record, where I can see the attachments.

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